What is Educational marketing?

Educational marketing is a marketing strategy that communicates to potential customers the value of the results they can get from using your products or services.  This is sort of the process of educating your leads on a specific topic related to your product, which can help them make a purchasing decision.

Educational marketing is usually part of your marketing strategy and part of your content marketing strategy.  The purpose of creating an educational marketing strategy is divided into 3 types:

 1. The first and most common is to attract potential customers.  It usually consists of creating content that will help guide potential customers further down the sales funnel, focusing on learning in the industry you work in.  As an example, if you have a productivity app, you will talk about various time management tools and techniques and their applications.

 2. The second view is for your customers or competitors' customers.  Here our task is to create easy educational content that shows the basic foundation for your product.  It should be some kind of edutainment content.  You need to quickly, concisely and with elements of entertainment tell everyone about the features and benefits of your product.  No complicated formulas and terms are needed.  Create simple videos, we at Skill Focus have come up with NanoLearnings for this.

 3. And the last one is deep learning for your clients.  Your product is always evolving, it can be a new engine, functionality, or something more significant.  And your task is to tell the client in detail how it works now.  Many companies underestimate this type of training, as they believe that if a lead has become a client and has passed basic onboarding, then he will continue to study your software on his own.  Unfortunately, in 90% of cases, this is not the case, users can easily choose a competitor's product if they see an interesting feature in it, but they may not even suspect that you have already implemented it.  And all your releases on the site, on social networks, and through other channels will simply go unnoticed.  So the more effort you put into deep learning for your customers, the more your product permeates their day-to-day usage.

 When we figured out the goals, let's figure out why invest money and time in educational marketing at all?

1. Helps build trust
 Instead of pitching your product head-on, use educational marketing that allows you to share knowledge that will help strengthen your relationship with your target audience, improve rapport, and showcase your expertise.

 2. Creates a need to buy
 Through educational marketing, you create a need for customers to buy your products.  This works because educational content greatly increases the likelihood that people will make a purchase.

 3. Help people learn about your business
 A continuous stream of helpful content helps introduce potential consumers to various aspects of your business and can easily keep them interested.  We all know about the rule of 10 touches before buying, and so educational marketing allows you to score 2-4 touches.  And also to distinguish your brand from competitors.

 4. Generates organic traffic
 Having a blog has long shown good coverage in indexing your site.  But now educational marketing has grown into social networks, mainly YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram are used for this.  If you build the right work with educational marketing, then the content can be processed and used in different formats.  Which will lead to an increase in the number of leads and subscriptions to your service, and ultimately, increase your sales.

 We at Skill Focus are also for “green” and content recycling, and therefore your product academy can start with old webinars, master classes, articles, and micro-learning from Instagram and TikTok.  Put everything in one place and control the learning process.

 5. Position you as an influencer company
 Sharing useful content allows you to position your company as a thought leader in the industry, delivering real value to those in need and building a loyal community of followers over time.

 6. Educational marketing is cheaper
 It is easy to produce and can reduce advertising costs for marketers.  You can start simple, create a series of articles, some product videos, and nano learnings.  Educational marketing engages consumers more and costs 62% less than traditional marketing.  According to Content Marketing Institute -
 A side note here, it will cost less and bring more value if you are an expert in your field and willing to share your expertise.

 7. Turns leads into customers
 The more educational and entertaining content your potential users get, the easier it is for them to make a purchasing decision.  Providing useful content without strings attached makes sales much easier and encourages potential customers to become loyal customers.

 The main thing: Educational marketing will bring you results if you use all the tools to promote it.  Try to create content of different formats from large and deep articles to very short entertaining and educational videos.  Test new hypotheses and rework the content.  And most importantly, use all the traffic channels you can find, and if you want to place everything in one place with convenient analytics, then we are waiting for your product academy in the Skill Focus educational ecosystem.  Try the free plan and see the results