Toyota Managment System (TMS LVL 4)

  • Date: October 16-19, 2023 (5 days, 4 hours per day)
  • Expert: Arikawa-san (Toyota engineering corporation)
  • Format: Online
  • Certification: TMS Grade LVL 4
Toyota Kaizen for all the divisions of the company!
What is TMS?
TMS stands for Toyota's legendary production management methodology, which can be implemented in any plant.
In this course, we'll explain the differences between TMS and T-TPS, introduce you to the concept of lean manufacturing, and teach you how to apply methods and tools to optimize business processes while taking into account the current situation of your enterprise.

By the end of this course, you'll have all the necessary competencies to launch T-TPS implementation projects. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to receive a Level 4 certificate from the TPS Certification Institute."
Key Learning Features
  • Gain access to a unique source of information about the Toyota system by taking an online course on the Toyota Production System, which is the first in the four-level TPS series and part of the overall TPS&TMS program of the Certification Institute.

  • Earn a TPS Training Certificate upon completion of the training by passing a knowledge level test. This certificate allows you to receive an international certification of the 4th level from the TMS & TPS Certification Institute.
  • Learn from Mr. Arikawa Tetsuo-san, a Senior Consultant of Toyota Engineering Corporation and Vice Chairman of TMS & TPS Certification Institute, who teaches the course and shares original Toyota methodologies.
  • Get a comprehensive understanding of the Toyota Production System methodology, including all the necessary theoretical training for the implementation of TPS projects.

International TPS Certificate

After completing the training, participants have the option to take an international exam at the TMS & TPS Certification Institute based in Japan. Successful completion of the exam will result in the award of a certificate for the 4th basic level of TMS & TPS.

Obtaining the International TPS Certificate confirms your understanding of TPS and ability to apply all the basic principles and tools in practical situations, with worldwide recognition of your certification.

What is the Training Process?

  • 1
    The course consists of four lessons and includes interpretation from Japanese to English.
  • 2
    Participants have the option to take a certification exam for the 4th level. The online exam is 60 minutes long and includes 80 questions. A passing score of 70% or higher is required to receive the International Certificate.
  • 3
    Throughout the entire training period, participants will be accompanied by an expert.
Who is the Target Audience?
  • Manager
  • Staff
    (Accounting, HR, Sales,
    Control, Planning)
  • Staff
  • Supervisor
    (Group Leader / Team Leader)
Expert of training

Mr. Arikawa Tetsuo-san
Senior Consultant Toyota Engineering Corporation, Vice Chairman of TMS & TPS Certification Institute

1978 Start of Toyota Motor Corporation career
1978-1991 Honsha factory, final assembly shop
Supervised the work of the assembly line as part of the engineering service department.
1991-1995 Production department III Participation in the planning of the assembly process and the promotion of projects
more information

1995-1999 Hongsha Plant, Chassis Division, Chief Manager

1999-2002 Motomachi Plant, Administration Division, Chief Specialist Participated in supporting the start-up of a joint venture project with Tianjin Automobile Industry Group in China.

2003-2004 Global Manufacturing Center, Chief Expert Participated in supporting the launch of a joint venture project with Guangzhou Automobile Group in China.

2005-2008 GAC Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (China), Plant Manager Supervision of production, quality control and production

2008-2010 Global Manufacturing Center Assistant Project Manager

2011-2015 Sichuan Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (China), production manager Supervision of production, production control and logistics

2016-2019 Motomachi Plant, Administrative Department, Plant Support Section

2019-2020 Entrance to Toyota Engineering Corporation, Senior Consultant TMS and TPS Certification Institute, Vice Chairman

Course program
The course takes place over 4 days and an exam at the end of the training.
Greetings from Toyota engineering corporation
  • I. Overview of the TMS&TPS Certification Institute
  • II. Toyota's history
  • III. Origin of TPS (Toyota Production System)
  • IV. Total-TPS (Toyota Total Production System) (Current TPS)
  • V. Implementation of T-TPS
  • Workshop “Keep Problem Try (Action)" (KPT)
  • Q&A
Per participant
Per participant